National Polytechnical Museum
Published on 17.02.2007
On February, 17th 2007 Bozhidar Stefanov and I presented our projects, connected with the education, in the National Polytechnical Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our projects aim to improve the quality of education in our country.
"Science on Stage 2"
Published on 11.11.2006
On the 11th of November 2006 Sevlievo, Bulgaria was the host of the National Festival "Science on Stage 2". The act is a part from the European program "Science on stage 2" and its goal is to challenge and maintain the interest of young people to natural sciences as a main field of a man's knowledge and as a future career. The festival gives an opportunity to teachers and students to present and take the science in a new way and to demonstrate the entertainment, which the science gives us. The festival will flow in the following directions: performances on stage, counters on which students and teachers present innovative ideas for demonstrations, experiments, posters and devices in the field of natural sciences, computer presentations which could be presented within 15-20 minutes. The best performances will present our country on the International festival in Grenoble, France in April 2007. This program was presented (by me) and it provoked a great interest. The program was nominated for participation in the international festival "Science on Stage 2".
EU Contest for Young Scientists
Published on 23.09.2006
In the period September, 23-29 2006 the 18th EU contest for Young Scientists took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Many students from many countries presented their scientific projects. This project was also presented (by me) and everybody liked it. It was not awarded but many people wanted the program after the contest.
A National Meeting of Chemistry Teachers
Published on 09.09.2006
On September, 9th 2006 a national meeting of chemistry teachers was held in the National Castle of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria. On this meeting new methods of teaching were discussed. I was invited to present my project as a IT method of teaching. All the participants liked the program and it is now widely spread in most of the schools in the country.
2nd Version of the Program
Published on 01.04.2006
It has been a year of the first version of the program and now the 2nd one is released. It was specially developed for the student conference, which took place in Borovetz, Bulgaria. The project was awarded with an excellent diplom.